A fun, fun giveaway!

Contest CollageHere’s a fun giveaway opportunity for Eden Hill! You get to take us on a trip down Memory Lane, and be entered to win some great prizes to celebrate my debut novel,‪#‎EdenHill‬. Dig down deep, and take us all back to 1962 (or whenever!)

To enter the giveaway, simply comment on the Crazy4Fiction blog post with your favorite childhood memory and use the gleam app (at the bottom of their blog) to register. Sign in with Facebook or your email and click the check box to visit Bill Higgs on Facebook. From there, you’re entered. Congrats! To gain two additional entries, feel free to use the app to tweet about the contest or visit Crazy4Fiction on Facebook to keep up to date on more giveaways. Once you’ve entered, you’ll receive an email confirmation repeating the other options for additional entries. Good luck!

Note: your wonderful recollections must be posted on their blog, not mine, to count. Scroll down to the widget that says “powered by Gleam.”

Thanks for all the encouragement, and good luck! I look forward to hearing some of your magnificent memories!

2 thoughts to “A fun, fun giveaway!”

  1. I just finished reading Eden Hill, and loved it!! Will be loaning it to a friend who I know will love it as much. Thank you for such a lovely trip back in time and such a sweet story. I look forward to more!

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