Eden Hill, and Moving Forward!

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Hard a it is to believe, it’s been almost EIGHT YEARS since the release of Eden Hill! And while much has happened in those ninety-six months, my pen has not been idle. I’m learning that once a writer, always a writer (duh!). As writers (and readers), we want to know how the story continues. Much is going on, so here are some updates.

While the village of Eden Hill has been left behind (not to worry, Virgil T. Osgood and Cornelius Alexander III are thriving, and yes, Reverend Caudill is doing just fine at the Bible College). Other stories have taken shape in my slightly-warped mind, and have found their way into manuscript form. Hooray!

My current novel, tentatively titled Kinescope, has been pounded into shape and is in the hands of my wonderful agent. Set in 1948 in Ogilvie, a fictional small river town outside Cincinnati, Ohio, the story follows the introduction of television to the area. Told through the eyes of mayor George Easterday, we learn that not everybody is enthusiastic about the newfangled small screen. Specifically, one Reverend Eliphaz Clem, who opposes television and Mayor Easterday—with ever ounce of his being. Can Ogilvie survive?

Kinescope (which, by the way, is the technical term for a television picture tuberemember those?), features the usual quirky characters, joys and sorrows, and all the hopes and challenges of postwar America. Fun to write, and hopefully, fun to read. As the guy on television would say, “stay tuned!”

Many have asked about a sequel to Eden Hill. I completed a sequel three years ago, titled The Education of Reverend Fitzwater, which I am currently rewriting. It will ultimately be less a sequel than a separate story, but will be in the same vein as Eden Hill. A work-in-progress (a WIP, in the writing world), which I hope to complete by the end of the year. Again, “stay tuned! Don’t touch that dial!”

Want more? Here’s the first chapter of Eden Hill…





News 9/2/2022: I’m happy to announce that I’ve signed with the Linda S. Glaz Literary Agency for representation for future projects! It is such a delight (and quite humbling) to be part of such a fantastic team of professionals and creatives.

I do so with many thanks to Diana Flegel and Jim Hart, formerly of the Hartline Literary agency, who have been a great encouragement to me over the last several years and have made this amazing connection possible. I look forward to working with my new agent, and to creating new stories.

And, many thanks to all my readers who have encouraged this old geezer in his storytelling.





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